About Us

About Us

Experience Goes a Long Way

Established in 1984, we have become a leader in our field, specialising in areas of the pump industry where others have tried and failed, or would rather avoid. We have a proven record of performance, with successful installations throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia, some of which can be viewed in the Projects section of this website.

Scale of Size is No Problem

Our main area of expertise lies in the pumping of difficult solids laden wastewater and sludge, although our scope is not only limited to the pumping aspects. We also specialise in the design and supply of sludge tank and digester mixing systems, sludge and air to water heat exchangers, wastewater filters and valves for a diverse range of industries.

Environmental Success

The environment is important to us and this is reflected in our range of innovative products, all designed with energy efficiency and environmental benefits in mind. With growing demands and expectations brought on by environmental pressures, we recognise the importance of delivering reliable and lasting engineering solutions.

Geared for the Future

At Pump Systems Ltd we believe in getting it right the first time. Backed by some of the finest names in the industry, we pride ourselves on utilising the latest technology, up-to-date resources and our extensive experience to provide our clients throughout Australasia with highly innovative, world-class pumping and mixing solutions.