23 / 04 / 2015

BOERGER Multichopper with Auto Cutter Adjustment Device

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The Boerger Multichopper is a single-shaft, inline grinder with central cutter plate and knife heads for solids and debris-laden fluids. The Multichopper macerates and conditions difficult material in homogenous sludge. The innovative design of the Multichopper with central shaft clamp allows quick and easy replacement of wear parts on site. Sludge is conveyed through the cutter plate of the Multichopper and razor sharp, hardened knife heads deliver multiple cuts per rotation to ensure reliable maceration. The level of solids reduction is determined by the punching design of the cutter plate so that the final chopping result can be customised to suit the application. Featuring an MCA (Mechanical Cut Adjustment) unit, internal clearances between the cutter plate and blade knives are automatically kept at optimum distances to guarantee maximum chopping performance and to minimise blockages at all times.

For further information on the Boerger Multichopper, please feel free to download the attached product brochure. For other questions and expert application advice, contact Pump Systems Ltd.