Ball Check Valves

Ball Check Valves

CASTFLOW – Ball Check Valves

Castflow ball check valves are manufactured in Europe to the highest international standards and are a competitive alternative to other mainstream brands. With a full bore design to minimise restrictions and maximise flow, Castflow valves offer a low pressure drop and silent operation and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Constructed from high quality materials and suitable for installation in both horizontal and vertical positions, Castflow ball check valves can be serviced while remaining fixed in the pipeline through an easily removable bonnet. Available with flanged or threaded connections, there are a range of sizes and materials available depending on the requirements.

Capacity Range:Sizes DN 32 to DN 80 threaded, BSP and sizes DN 50 to DN 500 flanged with drilling to Table D or PN10. Maximum working pressures up to 10 bar.

Materials:Cast iron or ductile iron bonnet and body with stainless steel bolting and nitrile gaskets. There are several ball options available with phenolic resin and nitrile coated aluminium as standard.

Applications:Designed for use with domestic and industrial wastewater, solids laden and viscose fluids in pump stations, wastewater treatment plants and general pipeline applications.

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