Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers

LACKEBY – Sludge Heat Exchangers

Lackeby Products, a division of Lackeby Water Group, Sweden are a leading manufacturer of sludge heat exchangers for municipal wastewater treatment plants. The unique design is based on a modular principle with large circular sludge channels. Unlike spiral heat exchangers, the channels provide a large throughput area that keeps pressure losses low and minimises the risk of clogging.

Lackeby’s high performance sludge heat exchangers are a result of innovative thinking and 40 years of experience, with each unit designed and built to meet the individual requirements of the client. The unique patented design with open end turning chambers provides a unit that is compact, simple to install and with low maintenance requirements, all while providing highly efficient sludge heat transfer and recovery.

Capacity Range:No size limitations as units are made to order.

Materials: All 316, 304 or duplex stainless steel construction.

Applications: Heating of wastewater treatment plant sludge.

For further information visit http://www.lackebywater.se/

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LACKEBY – Air/Water Heat Exchanger

The air/water heat exchanger from Lackeby Products was developed to recover the heat in the air expelled by blowers in wastewater treatment plants. This extra energy can then be used for the heating of ventilation air or tap water, providing huge savings on both energy consumption and costs.

The Lackeby air/water heat exchanger is easily mounted in-line into an existing pipe system. Compressed air flows freely into the heat exchanger and is directed through multi-layer surface maximising copper loops, in which heat is extracted and transferred to the circulating water. This not only results in an energy efficient way of heating water, but also provides added benefit of extending membrane life in aeration tanks due to the reduction in air temperature.

Environmental Benefits

  • Effective heat recovery from hot air
  • Heats water without using additional energy
  • Lower air temperature increases membrane life
  • Increases plant efficiency by minimising wasted energy

Capacity Range:There are two standard sizes available that can be adapted to various applications.

Materials:Manufactured in stainless steel (1.4301) as standard with copper cooling tubes.

Applications: Recovering heat produced by blowers in wastewater treatment plants.

For further information visit http://www.lackebywater.se/

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