Mixing Equipment

Mixing Equipment

ROTAMIX – Tank Mixing Systems

Rotamix by Vaughan Company, Inc. is today's most cost effective means of mechanical mixing available for digesters, sludge storage tanks and other high-volume applications. Combining both principles of uniform and vortical rotation, the unique “dual rotational zone” mixing pattern created by Rotamix eliminates dead spots, reduces energy consumption and prevents against the formation of scum mats and solids build up.

The Rotamix system comprises of fixed nozzle assemblies that are mounted inside the tank to factory specified angles and are permanently tightened. No additional adjustment is needed. There are no moving or rotating parts within the process and no scheduled nozzle assembly maintenance is required. Each nozzle mixing assembly comes with a 10-year full replacement warranty for wear and corrosion.

At the heart of the Rotamix system is an externally mounted Vaughan mixing chopper pump, which recirculates and preconditions the contents of the tank. The Vaughan chopper pump will handle solids laden material and sludge containing rags, fibres and hair. This virtually eliminates problems with fibrous material and other debris reweaving into clumps, while ensuring the pump and nozzles remain clog-free.

Environmental Benefits

  • High efficiency, low energy mechanical mixing
  • Intermittent operation saves energy
  • No moving parts inside tank reduces human exposure
  • Solids preconditioned by external Vaughan pump
  • Process benefits & increased gas production

Capacity Range:For mixing circular, rectangular and oval tanks and digesters up to 30 metres in diameter, as well as other unique process configurations such as egg-shaped digesters and CSO tunnels.

Materials:Rotamix nozzles are constructed in ductile cast iron and glass lined for abrasion resistance and reduced friction. Vaughan mixing chopper pump wear parts are heat treated to 60+ Rockwell C hardness to extend pump life. A range of stainless steel options are also available.

Applications:Mixing of anaerobic digesters, aerobic digesters with aeration, egg-shaped digesters, sludge storage tanks, sludge blending tanks, equalisation tanks, secondary digesters, lime slurry storage tanks, industrial waste storage tanks, chemical tanks, pulp and paper black liquor tanks, liquid fertiliser tanks, refinery waste containment tanks, recycled food waste digesters and solids suspension tanks.

For further information visit http://www.chopperpumps.com.au

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TURBO – Vertical Propeller Mixer

The innovative Turbo Mixer from Vaughan Co. is a heavy-duty propeller mixer and agitator mounted vertically inside a 457mm diameter elbow. The Turbo Mixer is ideally suited as a replacement for submersible propeller mixers that are prone to motor and gearbox problems due to seal leakage. Unlike horizontal shaft mixers, the unique design of the Turbo Mixer means that it can operate with as little as 300mm of liquid above the floor of the pit or sump.

Extremely robust and slow running, the Turbo Mixer is designed to provide many years of reliable service in tough operation conditions. The Turbo Mixer incorporates Vaughan’s unique upper cutter system above the propeller to stop fibrous material from wrapping or binding and to protect the mechanical seal. Additionally, a patented internal cutter provides extra protection for the propeller blades, macerating any solids that attempt to jam between the propeller tips and internal housing wall.

Vaughan Turbo Mixers are custom built to suit each individual application and are available in lengths from 1.2 metres up to 5 metres long. Turbo Mixers can be either belt or gearbox driven via high efficiency metric frame electric motors ranging from 5.5 kW up to 22 kW in size.

Capacity Range:The Turbo Mixer can provide mixing flows from 750 m3/hr up to 2,180 m3/hr.

Materials:Carbon steel epoxy coated casing, Rockwell C60 heat-treated cast alloy steel propeller and upper cutter, heat treated alloy shaft, oil lubricated bearings, Vaughan hard faced cartridge style mechanical seal.

Applications:Mixing of sewage, wastewater, effluent and slurries in above or below ground pits, sumps, tanks and lagoons in processing industries, commercial dairy farms and municipal wastewater treatment plants.

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