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Screen & Press Systems

ROTO-SIEVE - Wastewater Drum Screen

Roto-Sieve high efficiency drum screens will separate solid particles and fibres from liquids down to 0.6 mm. Unlike conventional slotted rotary screens, Roto-Sieve’s innovative internal feed system with unique circular screen perforations allows minute hairs and fibres that would normally pass through standard screens to be captured and removed from the waste stream. The result is exceptionally high separation rates compared with generic screening methods.

Manufactured by Lackeby Products, a division of Lackeby Water AB (Sweden), Roto-Sieve is used extensively throughout Europe and the USA and is widely accepted as the most efficient and high performing rotary drum screen available today for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Each unit is designed for an average service life of around 20 years, and with a self-cleaning perforated drum system, maintenance is simple and hassle-free.

One of Roto-Sieve’s strongest and fastest growing applications is pre-treatment and protection at Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) plants. Tiny hairs, as well as small chain toilet paper fibres found in municipal sewage can wreak havoc on an MBR’s delicate hollow fibre membranes. Over time, this type of material tends to reweave into threads and strands that eventually wrap causing blockages, backwash and damage within the MBR process. The unique circular perforations of the Roto-Sieve drum screen will capture these fibres thus protecting expensive downstream equipment and critical processes.

Extremely low energy consumption, high operational reliability and application flexibility puts Roto-Sieve at the top of its class in separation technology. There are more than 4,000 Roto-Sieve drum screens in operation in over 80 countries. It is this proven long-term success coupled with extensive industry experience that allows Lackeby to guarantee 100% separation of solids above screen perforation size for all Roto-Sieve applications.

Capacity Range:Five models available for max. flow rates between 9-435 L/sec. Standard drum screen perforations available in 0.8, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 or 3.0 mm with the smallest perforation being 0.6 mm. Drive power ranges from 0.25 kW to 0.55 kW on the largest model.

Materials:Drum screen, stand, inlet pipe, spray header and splashguard available in a combination of stainless or acid proof steel, with fibre glass screening outlet cover and heat resistant brush.

Applications:Screening and protection for sewage works, pumping stations, water works, heating plants, sea outfalls, MBR plants, pulp and paper mills, slaughter houses, food processing plants, fish processing plants, chemical industries, textile mills, breweries, purification plants.

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ROTO-SIEVE - KP Piston Press

The Roto-Sieve KP Piston Press by Lackeby Products combines the high performance dewatering function of screw press, with the added capability of a hydraulic piston to lift and transport dry waste solid. Introduced 20 years ago for the dewatering of municipal wastewater, continued development has seen the KP Piston Press succeed in various applications and industries with high operational reliability.

Extremely flexible in its design, the Roto-Sieve KP Piston Press is available in two standard sizes to cater for most dewatering applications. The unit is constructed in all stainless steel materials with an integrated hopper intake for feeding sludge, while the press itself is driven by a low voltage geared motor and a trapezoidal threaded shaft. With the piston operation controlled by micro-switches, sludge is dewatered and then discharged through a press pipe system sized to achieve the right resistance for the application.

Due to its compact size and small footprint, integration of the KP Piston Press with Lackeby’s Roto-Sieve Drum Screen is exceptionally straightforward. The result is a trusted, proven and high performance all-in-one screening and dewatering system, all from a single industry-leading manufacturer.

Capacity Range:Two sizes available for dry solids capacities up to 0.7 m³/hr.

Materials:Stainless steel construction as standard (1.4301) or 1.4436).

Applications:Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, breweries, ships.

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