Blenheim, New Zealand

aiRFlex pinch valves supplied to Local Authority wastewater treatment plant for lime slurry and magnesium oxide

Pump Systems have recently supplied four aiRFlex pinch valves to a Local Authority for lime slurry and magnesium oxide applications at a wastewater treatment plant. Manufactured by RF Technologies, USA, aiRFlex pinch valves provide world class performance for the handling of abrasive, corrosive, scaling and plugging slurries and powders.

Usually operated in an on/off situation by way of compressed air, this application was slightly different in that the valves are controlled via a solenoid and regulator attachment, which uses high pressure potable water available at the site. The innovative design of the aiRFlex valve allows for ease of maintenance without having to remove the entire valve from the pipe line. One side of the valve can be unbolted to expose the inner tube, which is the only component in contact with the media. Tube changes can be carried out in less than 30 minutes with no special equipment required.

Offering superior performance over traditional pinch valves due to low maintenance costs and parts turnover, RF and aiRFlex valves can provide payback on investment in a very short period with substantial annual savings thereafter.

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